Hi everybody! My name is Carlos and I'm a Web and Graphic designer established in Barcelona.
After graduating from Universitat Jaume I in Castellon, I moved to Barcelona to continue studying Graphic Design in Elisava College of Design.
I did my intership in Crea Studi where I learnt the first steps of design world. After a quite concentrated year I moved to Ingenia, a multidisciplinary study touching different branches of design, such as graphic, web, interiorism and more. Feeling this period wasn't enough I decided to improve my skills with more theory, so I decided to study in Elisava in Barcelona. Right now I'm working for myself doing these pretty things.
I love the idea of creating something beautiful with clean lines and minimalistic concepts. The way I express myself is graphic, branding and web design, incluiding photography as an enjoyable hobbie.
You can also follow me or take a look on my work here, or if you wanna see my professional way more carefully here it's my CV as well: